Coraline Engineering has a great experience in supplying specialized equipment for airports. Currently, Coralina Engineering is a supplier of equipment manufactured by the ELEMET plant outside Moscow. The equipment we supply works on aprons, in passenger and cargo terminals, at aircraft maintenance bases and warehouses in all Russian regions, including Siberia and the Far North that are famous for their harsh climate.

The production capacity of ELEMET, the largest Russian manufacturer of airfield equipment, allows us to quickly respond to the demands of a dynamic market. Thanks to the production based on high technologies, we make reliable equipment of the highest quality. At the same time, we modernize production, develop new models of equipment, and improve the supply system. Our specialists constantly monitor the development of new technologies to successfully meet the needs of customers and the optimal selection of equipment.

The ELEMET innovation department constantly conducts research and development (R&D) to ensure the production of advanced equipment. Constant improvement of quality, training of customer’s personnel, setting up warehouses of consumables and spare parts in the field, and advisory support and after-sales service are long-standing principles of our company. Respect for these simple principles is the formula for successful operation of equipment.

Constant growth in output and stable expansion of the sales geography is a clear proof of successful operation of manufactured equipment in difficult meteorological conditions of our country.

All manufactured equipment is certificated in compliance with the requirements of Civil Aviation Certification System of the Russian Federation and meets IATA standard international requirements. The ISO 9000 quality management implementation plan is put into practice.

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